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The CSA collaborates with various organizations, industries, and student groups to help in providing resources and opportunities to undergraduate chemistry students. 

Current and past corporations, industries, organizations, and student groups we have collaborated with or received support and funding sponsorships from are:

University of Alberta

University of Alberta Department of Chemistry

University of Alberta Alumni Association

University of Alberta Undergraduate Mathmatical Sciences Society

University of Alberta Faculty of Science

University of Alberta Interdepartmental Science Students' Society

University of Alberta Undergraduate Physics Society

University of Alberta Science Internship Program

University of Alberta Council of Science Student Societies

Alberta Technical University of Munich International Graduate School for Hybrid Functional Materials

University of Alberta Career Centre

University of Alberta Chemistry Graduate Students' Society


Chemical Institute of Canada

Women in Science, Engineering, Science & Technology

Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta

Let's Talk Science

Science FUNdamentals

Corporations & Industry

Gilead Sciences, Inc. Alberta

Alberta Research Chemicals Inc.

DOW Canada


Quantiam Technologies, Inc.


Guardian Chemicals Inc

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