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End-of-the-year Quick Notes

It’s finally that time of the year when the monotonous off-white color of the snow finally fades away, replaced by the good ol’ soul-soothing spring breeze. This is it! Completion of the last final exam marks the end of the battle, and the end to an official school year towards our degree.

Laid back in the comfy couch, sipping some tea, one may start to wonder: What have we achieved thus far? Any progress made along the way? How about our goals set at the beginning of the year? I’m sure those would be the common questions that undoubtedly pops up whenever we have the time to do quick reflection on ourselves for the past 8 months. Will there be any answers labelled as “correct” for these types of questions? Probably not! We all have our own resolutions towards our own life, as such, these are not exceptions.

No matter how you choose to answer the questions, please remember that you have tried your best to overcome the difficulties, despite all the procrastination along the way when studying/writing an essay/etc. You succeed in becoming the survivor after a year full of hard-work, with all the stresses and strains built up from the exams, part-time jobs, or even existential quarter-life-crisis. The fact that YOU have survived for another year is wonderful enough, so pat yourself in the back for accomplishing one of the biggest task here in the University!

There can be sad stories along the way, of course, life is not always a bed full of roses.

Bad grades? Too typical.

Family issues? Not everyone is lucky enough.

Mental breakdowns? We have all been there, and that is perfectly fine.

It is not the way we tackle this, since not everything can be handled perfectly. There will always be aftermaths to everything that we have done before. There are no perfect solutions, only trade-offs. What type of actions do we take after the trade-offs? That, is the biggest question you have to figure out the answers to yourself. Should I back out from this? Should I continue? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for my pitiful soul? Take a step back and look at the scenery with a wider view, I’m sure you’ll manage to spot out stuffs that you have never thought of before. And those maybe the stepping stones allowing you to figure out your BEST POSSIBLE options. Whichever options you choose, you are brave. Decisive. And you should be proud of that.

We’re all human, and human makes mistakes. Either for a short amount of time, or for many consecutive years. Everyone has their own battle to fight against, and I must say it is not an easy task at all. Believe in your own decisions, and make sure to live your life to the fullest without (forcefully) regretting anything!

Once again, congratulations for surviving

Best of luck on the battlefield,


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