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Life Journal Volume X , Issue Y, pp. Z-∞


“What the heck do I do now?” looks up the sky for answers*. Most of you have probably heard this question at least five times from a lot of people: “what are you going to do after you finish your degree?” and you almost never really know what you want to say because there are multiple different answers you want to say or you just really don’t know exactly yet and that is, again, OK! Take your time, if it’s of any consolation, I myself still feel this way and I had just finished the last semester of my degree. Yay! Uh-no. There’s so many emotions brewing within and and it’s all overwhelming! Like: yes I’m free! No more homework! But then, where do I actually stand?

Here are some of the many ways what you can do to deal with this quasi- mid-life crisis.

1. Travel

If you can, spend some time abroad (or another province). Explore other possibilities! Learn a new language, get to know different cultures, and meet other people.I’m sure most of you know someone who went travelling and found their true calling!

2. Step back

Look back at what you used to do or enjoy doing. Any hobbies you enjoyed doing before course work took away the time designated for that. These could be things like, reading fiction/non- fiction books, playing sports, painting/sketching/ sculpting, writing, music, etc.

3. Self- care. Re- equilibrate yourself

Eat some ice cream or cake or both. Watch shows on Netflix. Relax . Here are some shows/movies you definitely need to check out (in no particular order):

- Lucifer

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Stranger Things

- Marvel movies

- Game of Thrones

- And many more!

Maybe you just need ease your nerves. After all, just finished a degree!

4. Seek advice!

Talk to someone who has experienced what you are going through. It never hurts to ask for advice. Talk to a friend because often times, you really just need to get all your worries out. By talking to different individuals, allows you to see their take on life in general, or what they would do if they were put in your shoes and this will hopefully help you approach and see things differently.

5. The final and most important thing.

Nobody, and I mean nobody gets to ultimately decide when you do what with your life. Ignore the social clock, nothing in this lifetime is certain. Some of you have things planned out and I think that’s great but if things don’t go your way, do not feel as if “things aren’t going according to plan” because— as cliche as this might sound— life is full of surprises (both good and bad). If you can’t figure it out now, I’m sure it will come later.

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