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5 Reasons To Pursue A Degree In Chemistry


Not sure what undergraduate degree to take at university? Here is 5 reasons to take one in chemistry.

#1. You want to do chemical research

If you are planning on doing research in chemistry taking a degree in chemistry is a must.

#2. You want multiple career paths

A degree in chemistry is great because it can take you virtually anywhere. Common career paths include graduate school, teaching, industry, forensic science, agriculture, environmental field, public sector, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and much more!

#3. You have a passion for chemistry

If you are interested in creating new materials, revolutionary drugs, alternative energy, biodegradable plastics, pollution control, climate change then a degree in chemistry may be for you. As they say,

do what you love and you will never work a day in your life

#4. You want to pursue a career in a professional program

If you are interested in a career as a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or dentist then taking a degree in chemistry can help you succeed in your MCAT, LSAT, PEBC, DAT.

#5. You want to gain valuable & transferable skills

The skills that you develop during a degree in chemistry are highly transferable and desirable to employers in all sectors. These skills include: logical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, communication, attention to detail, discipline & more!

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